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CAUSALdb integrates large numbers of GWAS summary statistics and identifies credible sets of causality by uniformly processed fine-mapping. The database incorporates over 3,000 public full GWAS summary data, and the number will be constantly accumulating according to our timely curation. It estimates causal probabilities of all genetic variants in the GWAS significant loci using three state-of-the-art fine-mapping tools including PAINTOR, CAVIARBF and FINEMAP. These comprehensive causalities and statistics can be explored in an interactive causal block viewer. Users can also compare causal relations on variant-level, gene-level and trait-level across studies of distinct sample size or population. By integrating massive base-wise and allele-specific functional annotations, causal variants could be further interpreted. The objective of this database is to ensure that its convenience and precision for researchers to select and prioritize causal variants for further study.

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